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Robert Jordan

The Eye of the World

Book 1: The Eye of the World (Paperback)
Book 2: The Great Hunt (Paperback)
Book 3: The Dragon Reborn (Paperback)
Book 4: The Shadow Rising (Paperback)
Book 5: The Fires of Heaven (Paperback)
Book 6: Lord of Chaos (Paperback)
Book 7: A Crown of Swords (Paperback)
Book 8: The Path of Daggers (Paperback)
Book 9: Winter's Heart (Paperback)
Book 10: ?????

I read the first book of the Wheel of Time Series in January 1997 and in four months had read the first six books. I waited patiently for the seventh and eighth books, but found myself disappointed. Up until then I had been willing to give Jordan a great deal of credit for sustaining such a large story and keeping everything going through so many books. Now I will reserve opinion until the series is finished. The last three books seem to be introducing new story threads rather resolving running threads. I cannot recommend that anyone start this series until Jordan has completed it.

The characters in the series are completely different than from those in J.R.R. Tolkien's Lord of the Rings, even though the first book was a homage to Tolkien. Jordan started small with the traditional small town-farm boy hero with a secret lineage and built from there. All his heroes and heroines have flaws and are just on this side of good, while many of the villians are just on that side of evil and have become more entertaining and interesting than the heroes and heroines. The characters are meant to be more realistic in their personalities, which is something I usually don't look for in fantasy, but the story has been complex and interesting.

Absolut Paradigm

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