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The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers Book III:

Chapter 6: The King of the Golden Hall
Gandalf, Aragorn, Gimli and Legolas arrive at Edoras. After some debate, they are allowed to come before King Théoden. They are bade to leave their weapons by Hama the Gatekeeper, but Gandalf manages to keep his staff. Once before King Théoden, they learn that Eomer has fallen out of favor for disobeying the king's orders. They find that Théoden's thoughts have been poisoned by his advisor Gríma Wormtongue. Gandalf silences Gríma and leads the king outside. Théoden realizes how he has been misled. He releases Eomer, takes up his sword, decides to march to war against the orcs and orders Gríma brought before him. Théoden allows Gríma to choose to fight alongside him or leave. Gríma choose to leave. Eowyn, Théoden's niece and Eomer's sister, is appointed steward, while all the men ride out to war.

Chapter 7: Helm's Deep
As Gandalf, Aragorn, Gimli, Legolas and the Rohirrim ride toward the Fords of Isen, they receive ill tidings and decide to make for the stronghold of Helm's Deep. Gandalf departs on an errand. At Helm's Deep, they find men left by Erkenbrand. That night, they are assaulted by a huge force of orcs and wild men. Aragorn, Eomer and Gimli sneak out and defend the gate while it is fortified. Later, orcs creep in under the wall where the Deeping Stream flows out. They block it up only for the orcs to later blast it open. The defenders begin to be overwhelmed. Gimli and Eomer are trapped in the caves. Théoden decides to make one last ride out of the Hornburg. Aragorn joins him as the horn is blown. The orcs and wild men are taken by surprise and pushed back by the sudden onslaught. Gandalf now returns with Erkenbrand and a dark forest now blocks the vale. Saruman's army is dismayed and defeated.

Chapter 8: The Road to Isengard
The defenders learn that Hama fell by Helm's Deep. Gimli and Eomer have survived in the caves. Gandalf, Théoden, Aragorn, Eomer, Gimli and Legolas now ride out for Isengard. They pass through the forest that has appeared. Legolas wants to remain and talk to the trees. Gimli and Legolas then have a debate which results in a mutual promise that Legolas will accompany Gimli to visit the Glittering Caves while Gimli will join Legolas on a visit to Fangorn Forest. The party then sees Ents enter the forest.

They ride to the Fords of Isen where a burial mound has been raised for the Rohirrim that fell there. They also notice that the river has dried up. That night an unknown host shrouded in shadow passes the Fords. The water soon begins flowing down the Isen again. Back at the Hornburg, a huge mound has been raised and the dead orcs and forest are gone. They arrive at Isengard to find it in chaos. They also find Merry and Pippin by the gate. Merry bids them welcome. Théoden has memory of stories about hobbits, which is much to Pippin's surprise. All bu Aragorn, Gimli and Legolas then ride on to find Treebeard.

Chapter 9: Flotsam and Jetsam
Merry and Pippin lead Aragorn, Gimli and Legolas to shelter and food. Afterwards, they share some pipe weed. The hobbits then explain their adventures. After the Entmoot ended two days ago, the Ents were joined by the Huorns, dark tree-like creatures. They crept to Isengard, then a great host of orcs and wild men marched out. The Huorns followed that army. Treebeard then called Saruman out, but he did not appear so the Ents began tearing the walls of Isengard down.

Saruman barely managed to reach the Tower of Orthanc in time. He was able to light fires from far below that hurt the Ents and killed one. The Ents now went mad trying to bring Orthanc down, but could not. Treebeard formed a plan and the Ents dammed up the River Isen and diverted it through Isengard, flooding it and quenching the fires below. Gandalf had come and spoken to Treebeard before departing again. The following day Gríma Wormtongue had arrived and Treebeard had sent him to join Saruman in Orthanc. Aragorn then asks about the pipeweed and worries about how Saruman got it from The Shire

Chapter 10: The Voice of Saruman
Gandalf, Théoden, Aragorn, Eomer, Gimli, Legolas, Merry and Pippin go to the door of the Tower of Orthanc. Gandalf calls Saruman out. Saruman comes out and tries to charm King Théoden into trusting him. Gimli interrupts and is rebuffed by Saruman. Saruman continues and Eomer interrupts. Finally Théoden answers by rebuking Saruman. Saruman then tries to charm Gandalf, but Gandalf laughs. Gandalf offers Saruman freedom in exchange for the key of Orthanc and his staff, but Saruman refuses. Saruman tries to go inside, but Gandalf orders him back and rebukes him. Saruman is cast out of the White Council and his staff is broken. Gríma casts a round stone out, which Pippin retrieves. Gandalf takes it away and then they go speak to Treebeard, who agrees to keep Saruman imprisoned in Orthanc.

Chapter 11: The Palantir
Gandalf's party leaves Isengard. Merry rides with Gandalf and Pippin with Aragorn. That night Pippin is restless and wants to look at the round stone. He sneaks off and takes it from Gandalf. When he looks into it, Sauron sees him. At first Sauron thinks it is Saruman, but soon realizes that Pippin is a hobbit. He gives Pippin a message for Saruman. Gandalf now realizes that the stone is a palantir, an ancient seeing stone. Aragorn lays claim to it as the heir to the kings of Gondor and Gandalf gives it to him. Soon after a shadow passes over bearing a Nazgul. Gandalf takes Pippin with him and rides ahead. He explains to Pippin about the palantir, several of which are lost and one was taken by Sauron. They ride for Minas Tirith.

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