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Audio Adaptations of The Lord of the Rings:

Length: 13 hours
Editions: Cassette (13), CD (13)

1978 BBC Radio Adaptation of The Lord of the Rings. Performed by a full cast with specially composed music. There are a handful of homages to this presentation in Peter Jackson's live action film adaptations. Also, Ian Holm (Bilbo from the live action films) here voices Frodo.

BBC Presents LotR


Length: 52 hours
Editions: Cassette (31), CD (46)

An unabridged reading of The Lord of the Rings by Rob Inglis. He supplies each character with its own nuances to make differentiating between them easier.

LotR Audio Book

Length: 10 hours
Editions: Cassette, CD

American production by Mind's Eye that aired on NPR (National Public Radio). The dialogue has been Americanized and the production is cartoonish, or at least geared toward a younger audience.

Minds Eye Presents LotR

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