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The Lord of the Rings

This animated adaption was Ralph Bakshi's attempt at experimental filmmaking. It is generally considered a failure. He attempted to mix live action and animation which had unsatisfactory result. Tolkien fans loathe this film, while non-fans come away disappointed and uninterested in reading the books.

Another problem with this film is its title. This film actually only covers roughly half of the trilogy. A sequel was planned, but when this film turned out to be a box office failure, the sequel was never done. Rankin and Bass, who had been behind the animated film The Hobbit, put together The Return of the King which helped finish up storylines left hanging in this film.

A couple of interesting notes about the cast. Graham Cox and Peter Woodthorpe went on to voice the same parts in a 1981 BBC audio production of The Lord of the Rings. Also, Anthony Daniels, the voice of Legolas, has gone onto fame as a certain skinny android in a little science fiction/fantasy film series called Star Wars.

The Lord of the Rings (1978):
Ralph Bakshi
J.R.R. Tolkien (novel)
Peter S. Beagle
Chris Conkling

Christopher Guard
William Squire
Michael Scholes
John Hurt
Norman Bird
Graham Cox
Anthony Daniels
Peter Woodthorpe
... Director
... Writer
... Writer
... Writer

... Frodo
... Gandalf
... Sam
... Aragorn
... Bilbo
... Boromir
... Legolas
... Gollum
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