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Lost Season Five Episodes:

Episode Name: Whatever Happened, Happened
Episode Number: 511
Written by: Carlton Cuse & Damon Lindelof
Directed by: Bobby Roth
Original US Air Date: 4/1/09 on ABC

Act 4:
Flashback #4:
Kate and Aaron walk up to a door and knock. A little girl answers. Kate greets Clementine and asks if Cassidy is home

Flashback #4 Con't:
Cassidy can't believe that "they" are going back and then says that Jack "is a piece of work." Cassidy tells her to just take a break. Kate then admits that she lost Aaron in the store. Cassidy points out that it upsets her because she took Aaron. Kate says that she can't lose Aaron. Cassidy points out that she has Aaron because Sawyer broke her heart and she had to have someone

Sawyer disables the sonic fence. Kate wants to know why Sawyer is helping. Sawyer says that he asked Juliet pretty much the same thing. Sawyer said that Juliet wouldn't let a little boy die and that he's helping because of Juliet

Sawyer picks up Ben and he and Kate head into the jungle

Juliet busts into the house, surprising Hurley and Miles. She wants to know where Jack is and they say that he's in the shower. She then asks them to give them some space. The two leave

Jack steps out of the shower to find Juliet waiting. Juliet says she needed him and he didn't help with the boy. Instead, it's now up to Sawyer and Kate, who actually care. She wants to know why Jack came back. Jack says that he doesn't know why he came back other that because he was supposed to

Sawyer puts Ben down and he and Kate stop for a moment. Kate points out that Roger knows that Ben took his keys. Sawyer says that a kid is capable of anything when angry enough with his parents. Kate then segues to Clementine. Sawyer asks if she went to see her. Kate says that she did and describes Clementine. Sawyer asks about Cassidy. Kate says that she thought that Sawyer jumped because he was scared. Sawyer says that he and Kate wouldn't have worked out. Kate points out that he and Juliet have done well. He says that he's grown up in the last three years. Just then, the Others appear. Sawyer says that the boy has been shot and that they are going to take them to Richard Alpert.

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