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Patriot Militia General Francis Marion
Francis Marion Born: 1732; St. John's Parish, Berkeley County, South Carolina
Died: February 26, 1795; Pond's Bluff, South Carolina

Battles: Fort Sullivan

Additional Information: Camden, Charleston, King's Mountain, Charles Cornwallis, Horatio Gates, Nathanael Greene, Henry Lee, William Moultrie, Thomas Sumter, Banastre Tarleton

- Francis Marion is born in St. John's Parish, Berkeley County, South Carolina.

- Francis Marion attempts to sail to the West Indies.

- Francis Marion joins a militia company that does not see action in the French and Indian War.

- Francis Marion serves as a lieutenant under Captain William Moultrie in the Cherokee War.
June - Francis Marion valiantly leads thirty men into a known Indian ambush.

- Francis Marion buys a plantation north of Eutaw Springs, South Carolina, calling it Pond's Bluff.

- Francis Marion is elected to the South Carolina Provincial Congress.
June 17 - Francis Marion is made Captain of the Second South Carolina Regiment.
November - Francis Marion serves in Snow's Campaign against Tories.

February 10 - Francis Marion is in Charleston to help with fortifying the harbor.
February 22 - Francis Marion is promoted to Major.
June 28 - Francis Marion commands the left side of the fort at the Battle of Fort Sullivan at Charleston, South Carolina.
Noveber 23 - Francis Marion is promoted to Lieutenant Colonel.

September 23 - Francis Marion assumes command of the Second South Carolina Regiment

October 9 - Francis Marion sees action at the (Second) Battle of Savannah, Georgia.

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