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Patriot Militia General Francis Marion
Francis Marion Born: 1732; St. John's Parish, Berkeley County, South Carolina
Died: February 26, 1795; Pond's Bluff, South Carolina

Battles: Fort Sullivan

Additional Information: Camden, Charleston, King's Mountain, Charles Cornwallis, Horatio Gates, Nathanael Greene, Henry Lee, William Moultrie, Thomas Sumter, Banastre Tarleton

March 19 - Francis Marion returns to Charleston, South Carolina and resumes his command.
April - Francis Marion leaves Charleston, South Carolina before it falls.
July - Francis Marion is briefly in camp with Maj. General Horatio Gates.
August - Francis Marion is ordered by General Gates to operate along the Santee River.
August 16 - Maj. General Horatio Gates is defeated at the Battle of Camden, South Carolina.
August 17 - Francis Marion dispatches four dragoon companies against Georgetown.
August 19 - Francis Marion learns of General Gates' defeat at Camden.
August 20 - Francis Marion defeats British regulars at Great Savannah, South Carolina.
September 4 - Francis Marion skirmishes with Loyalists at Blue Savannah, South Carolina.
September 29 - Francis Marion skirmishes with Loyalists at Black Mingo Creek, South Carolina.
October 24 - Francis Marion learns that Loyalists are gathering near Tearcoat Swamp, SC.
October 26 - Francis Marion surprises Loyalists at Tearcoat Swamp, South Carolina.
October - Lt. Colonel Banastre Tarleton is sent after Francis Marion.
November - Lt. Colonel Banastre Tarleton unsuccessfully tracks Francis Marion.
November 15 - Francis Marion unsuccessfully assaults the British garrison at Georgetown, SC.
December 12 - Francis Marion skirmishes with Loyalists at Halfway Swamp, South Carolina.
December 3 - Maj. General Nathanael Greene arrives to take command of Continental troops.
December 30 - Francis Marion is promoted to Brigadier General and establishes a Brigade.
December - Francis Marion establishes a base at Snow's Island, South Carolina.

January 24 - Francis Marion and Lt. Colonel Henry Lee attack Georgetown, South Carolina.
February - Francis Marion and Thomas Sumter unsuccessfully attempt to link up.
March 6 - Lt. Colonel John Watson is detached to pursue Francis Marion.
July 17 - Francis Marion is involved in the skirmish at Quinby Bridge, South Carolina.
August 13 - Francis Marion is involved in the skirmish at Parker's Ferry, South Carolina.
September 8 - Francis Marion commands the militia at the Battle of Eutaw Springs, South Carolina.
- Francis Marion is elected to the state senate.

January 8 - Francis Marion is at Jacksonboro to fullfill his duties as a state senator.
January 10 - Francis Marion writes to Colonel Peter Horry to assume command of his brigade.
January 24 - Francis Marion has to take leave of the assembly to resume command of his brigade.
August 29 - Francis Marion surprises Major Thomas Fraser at Fair Lawn.

April 20 - Francis Marion marries Mary Esther Vidreau.

- Francis Marion represents South Carolina at the Constitutional Convention.

February 27 - Francis Marion dies in Pond's Bluff, South Carolina.

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