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Patriot Militia Colonel Elijah Clarke
Elijah Clarke Born: 1733; Edgecombe County, South Carolina
Died: December 15, 1799; Richmond County

- Elijah Clarke born in Edgecombe County, North Carolina.

- Elijah Clarke migrates to Georgia.

July - Elijah Clarke is wounded at Alligator Creek.

February 14 - Elijah Clarke and Andrew Pickens defeat Tories at Kettle Creek, Georgia.

August 1 - Elijah Clarke skirmishes with Loyalists at Green Spring, South Carolina
August 8 - Elijah Clarke and Andrew Pickens skirmish with Major Patrick Ferguson at Cedar Springs, South Carolina.
August 18 - Elijah Clarke and Andrew Pickens skirmish with Loyalist at Musgrove's Mill, South Carolina.
September 14-18 - Elijah Clarke joins in unsuccessful attack on Augusta, Georgia.
November 9 - Elijah Clarke may have been present at Fishdam Ford, South Carolina.
November 20 - Elijah Clarke and Thomas Sumter skirmish with Lt. Colonel Banastre Tarleton at Blackstocks, South Carolina.

April - Elijah Clarke and Andrew Pickens begin a second siege of Augusta, Georgia.
June 4 - Augusta falls back into Patriot control.

- Elijah Clarke defeats Indians at Jack's Creek, Walton County, Georgia.

- Elijah Clarke enters French service as a Major General.

May - Elijah Clarke establishes the Transoconee Republic.
September 28 - Elijah Clarke surrenders to Georgia and Federal troops, ending the Transoconee Republic.

December 15 - Elijah Clarke dies in Richmond County.

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