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Continental General Daniel Morgan
Daniel Morgan Born: 1736; Hunterdon County, New Jersey
Died: July 6, 1802; Virginia

Battles: Quebec, Saratoga, Cowpens

"Great generals are scarce--there are few Morgans around."
- Nathanael Greene

- Daniel Morgan is born in Hunterdon County, New Jersey.

c. 1753
- Daniel Morgan moves to Virginia.

June 9 - Daniel Morgan is present as a wagoneer at Braddock's Defeat at Fort Duquesne.

- Daniel Morgan is sentenced to 500 lashes for striking a British officer.

- Daniel Morgan joins the British Army with an Ensign's commission.
- Daniel Morgan is wounded carrying dispatches to Winchester, Virginia.

- Daniel Morgan moves to Winchester, Virginia and resides with Abigail Bailey.

- Daniel Morgan serves as a Lieutenant against Pontiac's Conspiracy.

- Daniel Morgan marries Abigail Bailey.

- Daniel Morgan serves as a Captain of militia in Lord Dunmore's War.

June 22 - Daniel Morgan joins the Continental Army as Captain of the Virginia Riflemen.
July 15 - Daniel Morgan leaves Winchester, Virginia for Boston, Massachusetts.
August 6 - Daniel Morgan arrives in Boston, Massachusetts.
September 25 - Daniel Morgan leaves Fort Western with the Canadian Expedition.
November 10 - Daniel Morgan arrives at Point Levis across from Quebec City, Canada.
November 15 - Daniel Morgan and Benedict Arnold quarrel over rations for the men.
December 5 - Daniel Morgan participates in a failed siege of Quebec City.
December 31 - Daniel Morgan is present and assumes command at the Battle of Quebec, Canada.

September - Daniel Morgan is released by the British on parole.
November 12 - Daniel Morgan is promoted to Colonel.

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