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Continental General Nathanael Greene
Nathanael Greene Born: July 27, 1742; Potowomut (Warwick), Rhode Island
Died: June 19, 1786; Savannah, Georgia

Battles: Trenton, Guilford Courthouse

January 3 - Nathanael Greene sees action at the Battle of Princeton, New Jersey.
March - Nathanael Greene is sent to Congress by General Washington to request supplies.
May - Nathanael Greene, Henry Knox and John Sullivan threaten to resign if Frenchman Trouson de Coudray is appointed over them.
September 11 - Nathanael Greene commands the rear guard at the Battle of Brandywine, Pennsylvania.
October 4 - Nathanael Greene commands the left wing at the Battle of Germantown, Pennsylvania.
December 19 - Nathanael Greene joins General George Washington in winter quarters at Valley Forge, Pennsylvania.

February 25 - Nathanael Greene agrees to the appointment of Quartermaster General by General George Washington
March 2 - Nathanael Greene is named Quartermaster General of the Continental Army.
June 28 - Nathanael Greene commands the right wing at the Battle of Monmouth, New Jersey.
August 29 - Nathanael Greene is present at the Battle of Rhode Island at Newport.
September - Nathanael Greene goes to Boston concerning Franco-American relations.
October - Nathanael Greene returns to Rhode Island and resumes his military duties.

June 7- Nathanael Greene commands the front line at Connecticut Farms, New Jersey.
June 23 - Nathanael Greene defeats the British at the Battle of Springfield.
July 26 - Nathanael Greene resigns from his post as Quartermaster General.
September - Nathanael Greene presides over the military court that convicts Major John André.
October 5 - Nathanael Greene is named Hudson Highlands Department Commander.
October 17 - Nathanael Greene is named Southern Department Commander.
October 27 - Nathanael Greene arrives in Philadelphia and requests cavalry and supplies.
December 2 - Nathanael Greene arrives in Charlotte, North Carolina.
December 3 - Nathanael Greene assumes command of the Southern Department.

March 15 - Nathanael Greene is defeated at the Battle of Guilford Courthouse, North Carolina.
April 15 - Nathanael Greene is defeated at the Battle of Hobkirk's Hill (Camden), South Carolina.
June 18 - Nathanael Greene retreats after a failed siege of Ninety-Six, South Carolina.
September 8 - Nathanael Greene is defeated by at the Battle of Eutaw Springs, South Carolina.

August - Nathanael Greene leaves Charleston, South Carolina for Rhode Island

- Nathanael Greene moves to Mulberry Grove, north of Savannah, Georgia.

June 19 - Nathanael Greene dies of a stroke in Savannah, Georgia.

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