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Continental General Horatio Gates
Horatio Gates Born: 1727; Maldon, Essex County, England
Died: April 10, 1806; New York City

Battles: Saratoga, Camden

- Horatio Gates is born in Maldon, Essex County, England.

- Horatio Gates is commissioned a Lieutenant in the British Army.

June - Horatio Gates begins serving as aide-de-camp to Colonel Edward Cornwallis in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

January - Horatio Gates returns to London.
October - Horatio Gates marries Elizabeth Phillips.

March - Horatio Gates joins his new regiment in Maryland.
July 9 - Horatio Gates is present at Braddock's Defeat near Fort Dusquesne, where he is wounded.

- Horatio Gates' son, Robert, is born.

March - Horatio Gates returns to England.
August - Horatio Gates sails back to New York.
- Horatio Gates serves as an aide to Robert Monckton, Royal Governor of New York until 1763.

- Horatio Gates returns to England.

- Horatio Gates resigns from the British Army.

August - Horatio Gates sails for Virginia, where he buys a farm.

May 29 - Horatio Gates hears news of Lexington and Concord.
June 2 - Horatio Gates is at George Washington's home Mount Vernon offering his services.
June 17 - Horatio Gates is commissioned into the Continental Army as a Brigadier General and named Adjunct General, in which capacity he serves until June 5, 1776.

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