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Continental General Horatio Gates
Horatio Gates Born: 1727; Maldon, Essex County, England
Died: April 10, 1806; New York City

Battles: Saratoga, Camden

- Horatio Gates is cleared of misconduct.
- Horatio Gates serves the remainder of the war at General George Washington's headquarters at Newburgh, Virginia.

- Horatio Gates' aids are implicated in the Newburgh Conspiracy of mutiny.
- Horatio Gates' wife dies.
- Horatio Gates is made president of the Virginia society of the Cincinnati.

- Horatio Gates' marriage proposal is declined by Janet Livingston Montgomery

July - Horatio Gates marries Mary Vallance.

- Horatio Gates moves to New York City.

- Horatio Gates begins serving his lone term in the New York State Legislature.

April 10 - Horatio Gates dies in New York City.

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