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British General Sir Henry Clinton
Sir Henry Clinton Born: April 16, 1732?; Newfoundland, (Canada)
Died: December 23, 1795; Cornwall, England

Commander-in-Chief of the British Army in America: 1778-1782

Battles: Bunker Hill, Fort Sullivan, Siege of Charleston

After the Revolutionary War: 1781-1795
Lt. General Henry Clinton was relieved of command on March 26, 1782 and he turned over command to Lt. General Guy Carleton in May, 1782. Even though Lt. General Charles Cornwallis had commanded at the Battle of Yorktown, it was Clinton who was made the scapegoat for the loss of the American colonies when he returned to England in disgrace. Historians have since shifted more blame upon Cornwallis.

General Clinton attempted to get a parliamentary inquiry into the matter to clear his name, but he was refused. In 1784, he lost re-election to Parliament, ending his twelve year service there, when he feuded with his cousin, Newcastle, He then published his Narrative in an effort to rehabilitate his reputation. In 1790, he was re-elected to Parliament. In October 1793, he was promoted to full General. In July 1794, he was appointed governor of Gibraltar. He died on December 23, 1795.

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