Revolution (1985)
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The next morning in the rain, Tom (Al Pacino) has managed to reach the British camp. He finds Ned (Sid Owen) and his friend still tied to the cannon. He unties Ned as Ned pleads for him to take his friend as well. Ben peeks out from his tent and sees what is happening, but does not sound the alarm and goes back into his tent. As Tom leads the boys from camp, an Indian steps out from his tent and starts toward Tom, but Tom shows him the pass that he had received for the fox hunt. It satisfies the Indian, who returns to his tent.

Later, Major Peasy (Donald Sutherland) learns that the boys have escaped. He asks Ben about it, who admitted to seeing them untied. Peasy softly chastises the boy for his silence, but does nothing more. He then seeks out some Iroquois Indians and offers them a bounty to bring back the boys or kill them. Several chase scenes lead to the Indians coming upon the boys and being jumped by Tom who is hiding nearby. He kills the first then struggles with the second before gutting him with his knife.

Just when Tom, Ned and Ben think all is clear, they see three Indians across the field. One puts them in his gun sight, while the others approach them. The Indians spy the dead Indians and declare that they are Huron Indians, while the dead Indians are Iroquois. They decide that an enemy of their enemy is their friend and Tom and the eldest Indian shake hands.

Ned is carried to an Indian camp where the Indians treat his bloody feet with medicines, then sear the wounds with a hot knife. Tom does everything he can to lessen his son's agony. They talk of Ned's dead mother and their dream of building a farm in the country. He also says they won't run anymore.

It is several months later at Valley Forge in the winter of 1777-78. Daisy (Nastassia Kinski) and her servant Cuffy (Cheryl Miller) are riding up to the camp with a wagon loaded with supplies. As the supplies are unloaded and sick men are loaded to be taken to a nearby hospital, an older Ned (now Dexter Fletcher) sees Daisy and tells her that he and his father are here. Daisy is happy to find out that they are both well. Ned leads Daisy to their camp. Then a young girl introduces herself to Ned as the daughter of artilleryman Israel Davis.

Tom is happy to see Daisy. He leads her inside the tent, which is in Indian fashion. He tells her that they now serve with the Indians as scouts for Washington's army. He gives her a fur coat to warm her and then serves her some pumpkin soup, which she enjoys. He notices she has a captain's coat and she tells him that she has now learned to sail, so she can go with him anywhere. The Indian who had also been in the tent with them now gets up and leaves. Daisy says she has been helping the sympathizers by smuggling supplies.

Tom and Daisy's moment alone is interrupted by an officer telling her that the wagons are loaded. Tom follows her down the road and asks her if that captain that gave her the coat is her fiance. She answers that she will marry only him. He asks where to find her and she says that she's staying in Philadelphia. He stops and happily watches her ride away. Soon, a British patrol appears and chases the wagons. Daisy attempts to turn back for Valley Forge, but the British horsemen catch her and one strikes her across the face with his sword knocking her into the back of the wagon.

No time is given, but it is now presumably Spring 1778 as the army is leaving its winter quarters at Valley Forge. As the ranks of the Continental Army march by on the road, the marriage ceremony of Ned and Israel Davis' daughter is coming to a conclusion under a nearby tree. The men from the ceremony immediately run to fall into the ranks. , another couple that had been waiting steps up to the preacher to be wed.

It is now October 1781. Ned and Tom are at Yorktown, Virginia. Ned is using a looking glass to spot vulnerable British soldiers for Tom to pick off. Ned spots Sergeant Peasy and hands the looking glass to Tom. Tom watches as Peasy takes another man and two Indians with him and starts moving off. He tells Ned that Peasy is going after the American spotters. Tom, Ned and two other Indian scouts take off to stop Peasy's patrol.

Sergeant Peasy and his patrol emerges on the beach and begin moving forward warily. Suddenly, they are all cut down by gunfire. The Indians are dead, while Peasy and the young soldier with him are wounded. Tom, Ned and their two Indians step from cover. Tom hands Ned a musket. Ned raises it and takes aim on Peasy. Peasy murmurs a pray, but Ned can't shoot him. They walk away leaving Peasy to help his young companion back to British lines. As they return to the fortifications at Yorktown, there is no exchange of fire. A single drummer boy is drumming from atop the British fortifications. He is joined by a British officer who holds a white flag. Tom and Ned walk across the field as the officer rides to the American side bearing the white flag of truce and surrender.

Back in New York City, Tom waits in line with the note given to him for his boat. When he is given only forty dollars, he confronts the Continental officer. The officer does not back down and then tells him that his 150 acres were sold to land speculators to pay for the war effort. Tom has no choice but to leave. He returns to his son and daughter-in-law and tells them to go north to the Mohawk Valley and build a farm. He gives Ned the money and says he is staying behind.

After Tom bids Ned and his bride fareware, he begins to wander through the streets, which are filled with people dancing and celebrating. Then he spots Daisy's servant Cuffy and goes after her, but loses her in the crowd. He continues hurrying through the crowd. As he is crossing a canal, a background argument can be heard between slaves, who want their freedom as well, and whites. On the other side of the canal, he sees a crowd of kids and in the midst of them is Daisy.

The End.

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