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The Day It Rained Militia
The Day It Rained Militia
Huck's Defeat and the Revolution in the South Carolina Backcountry
May-July 1780

by Michael C. Scoggins
Published by History Press
July 2005

241 pages (plus Notes, Bibliography and Index); 6 chapters.
Foreword by Dr. Walter Edgar
Chapter I. "I turned my course into the new acquisition"
Chapter II. "A vindictive asperity not easily restrained"
Chapter III. "God Almighty had become a Rebel"
Chapter IV. "English Sanity is thrown away"
Chapter V. "A good dressing before day light"
Chapter VI. "Their success will no doubt Encourage them"

Appendix A. Accounts of Huck's Defeat in pension applications
Appendix B. British Army correspondence, June-July 1780
Appendix C. How many men were in the battle?
Appendix D. The Huck's Defeat battlefield
Appendix E. A biography of Christian Huck
Appendix F. Roster of soldiers at the Battle of Huck's Defeat

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