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A Great Improvisation
A Great Improvisation:
Franklin, France, and the Birth of America

by Stacy Schiff
Published by Henry Holt & Co.
April 2005

Available in:
Hardcover (Large Print)
Audio CD (Unabridged; from Books On Tape)
Audio CD (Abridged; from Random House Audio)
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Table of Contents:
412 pages (plus Cast of Characters, Chronology, Notes, Bibliography and Index); 12 chapters.
I. The First Mistake in Public Business Is the Going into It: 1776
II. Half the Truth Is Often a Great Lie: 1776-1777
I(II. Three Can Keep a Secret, If Two of Them Are Dead: 1777
IV. The Cat in Gloves Catches No Mice: 1777-1778
V. There Is No Such Thing as a Little Enemy: 1778
VI. Admiration Is the Daughter of Ignorance: 1778
VII Success Has Ruined Many a Man: 1779
VIII. Everyone Has Wisdom Enough to Manage the Affairs of His Neighbors: 1780
IX. The Sting of a Reproachs Is the Truth of It: 1780-1781
X. Those Who in Quarrels Interpose May Get Bloody Nose: 1782
XI. The Absent Are Never Without Fault: 1783
XII. Creditors Have Better Memories Than Debtors: 1784-1785

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