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New Jersey in the American Revolution
New Jersey in the American Revolution
Edited by Barbara J. Mitnick
Published by Rutgers University Press
September 2005

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Barbara Mitnick has edited a nice collection of eleven essays that cover various aspects of New Jersey in the American Revolution. The essays don't spend much time on the familiar material of the major battles fought in New Jersey such as Trenton and Princeton and instead delve into less discussed topics.

New Jersey as a battleground is covered in more than one essay, but with an eye toward the myriad of minor skirmishes rather than the handful that history most often remembers. Another essay discusses the politics of the state and its regions. Other essays cover the war's affects on the state's slaves, the states remaining Indians and the state's women. The final group of essays discusses literature, the arts and geography.

The essay topics are not that unique, but the substance of the essays is a small treasure. The essays contain quite a bit of information that only local or regional historians would be able to research and learn. This brings a greater level of specificity to New Jersey 's conditions during the war years than most books set during the American Revolution. The book also includes an extensive notes section (fifty pages worth) which makes the book a welcome addition to a library as a resource.

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