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New Jersey in the American Revolution
New Jersey in the American Revolution
Edited by Barbara J. Mitnick
Published by Rutgers University Press
September 2005

193 pages (plus Notes, Bibliography and Index); 11 essays.
Foreword by State Senator Leonard Lance
Preface and Acknowledgements

  • Crossroads of the American Revolution
    by Thomas Fleming
  • "These Were Troublesome Times Indeed":
    Social and Economic Conditions in Revolutionary New Jersey by David Fowler
  • New Jersey:
    Radical or Conservative in the Crisis Summer of 1776? by Maxine N. Lurie
  • The "Cockpit" Reconsidered:
    Revolutionary New Jersey As a Military Theater by Mark Edward Lender
  • Picturing Revolutionary New Jersey:
    The Arts by Barbara J. Mitnick
  • New Jersey Architecture in the Revolutionary Era
    by Harriette C. Hawkins
  • Caught in the Middle:
    New Jersey's Indians and the American Revolution by Lorraine Williams
  • Moving Toward Breaking the Chains:
    Black New Jerseyians and the American Revolution by Giles R. Wright
  • "Troublesome Times a Coming ":
    The American Revolution and New Jersey Women by Delight W. Dodyk
  • The Surprising New Jersey Literature of Revolutionary Times, 1750-1800
    by Merrill Maguire Skaggs
  • The Historical Geography and Archaelogy of the Revolutionary War in New Jersey
    by Richard Hunter and Ian C.G. Burrow

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