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Young Patriots
Young Patriots
The Remarkable Story of Two Men, Their Impossible Plan
and the Revolution That Created the Constitution

by Charles Cerami
Published by Sourcebooks
May 2005

Table of Contents:
336 pages (plus Notes and References, Bibliography and Index); 25 chapters.
Author to Reader
1. Less Than a Nation
2. Young Hopefuls
3. A Matter of Class
4. A Rebellion Pays Off
5. States in Disarray
6. Springtime in Philadelphia
7. Washington's Way
8. Welcome Arrivals
9. A Striking Start
10. Small States Strike Back
11. A Wave of Confidence
12. Hamilton Stuns the Meeting
13. A Great Man's Support
14. Exciting Associates
15. Presidential Questions
16. Distate for Finance
17. Courts and Compromises
18. Signed but Not Sealed
19. Jefferson Reacts
20. Rejecting Europe's Ways
21. Formidable Opposition
22. Narrowest of Victories
23. "Long Live George Washington"
24. The Truth about Rhode Island
25. The First Fruits
Epilogue: A New Place in World History
The Constitution of the United States

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