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Battle of Quebec
Battle of Quebec

Benedict Arnold was able to escape when Maj. General Sir Guy Carleton recalled his men before they reached the hospital. He retreated to about a mile from Quebec City with the remaining 600 men and awaited reinforcements from Brig. General David Wooster. He refused to retire from the field and continued his "siege" of Quebec. Word arrived that Brig. General Richard Montgomery had been promoted to Major General on December 9.

On January 10, 1776, Benedict Arnold was promoted to Brigadier General. In a few months, he was relieved of overall command by General Wooster and was appointed commandant of Montreal. In May, the Americans began to withdraw from Canada as Maj. General John Burgoyne arrived with over 4,000 troops. On June 18, 1776, General Benedict Arnold was the last American to withdraw from Canada. Thus ended America's actions in Canada for the remainder of the war.

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Picture: The Death of General Montgomery at Quebec by John Trumbull

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