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Isaac Asimov

Foundation   Second Foundation   I Robot

Foundation Series:
Second Foundation
Foundation and Empire
Robot Series:
The Caves of Steel
The Naked Sun

Isaac Asimov is considered the most prolific science fiction author. He wrote well over a hundred books. His Foundation Series is considered the most popular science fiction series ever. My opinion is that the first three books listed above are entertaining and thought provoking. They are put together as a series of short stories (chapters) covering critical events over time, like snapshots of history. This was lent to their first printing as serials in speculative fiction magazines during the 1950's.

After a number of years, Asimov returned to the Foundation Series with several more novels: Foundation's Edge, Foundation and Earth, Prelude to Foundation and Forward the Foundation. Of these I have read three. The fourth is strangely out of print (and thus no link). I found Forward the Foundation entertaining, but it seemed to bear little resemblance to the rest of the series. The other two books had wonderful potential, but neither seemed to carry through on their beginnings.

His best work in my opinion would easily be the compilation of short stories that make up I, Robot, which were also first printed as serials. Each story contains a moral dilemma that is put in black and white by using robots rather than humans. In these stories, he also came up with the "Three Laws of Robotics" (only later adding the Zeroth Law). If you really enjoy I, Robot then The Caves of Steel and The Naked Sun, which continue to follow the exploits of R. Daneel Olivaw.

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