The Patriot Resource - Lost


Portrayed by: L. Scott Caldwell

Appears in:
1.1 - "Pilot, part 1"
1.2 - "Pilot, part 2"
1.4 - "Walkabout"
1.12 - "Whatever the Case May Be"
2.4 - "Everybody Hates Hugo"

Rose sat across the aisle from Jack on the flight. When the airplane began to experience turbulence, Jack tried to reassure Rose that it would be no problem. She said that her husband, Bernard, also said the same thing. She was waiting for him to come back from the lavatory toward the rear of the airplane. After the crash, she was one of the first to notice the creature nearby. In the days following, she began to sit alone on the beach, refusing to eat. Jack went to talk to her. She told him that her husband always gave her his wedding ring to wear on her necklace while they flew. When Jack told her that she needed to move on, she told him that there was no need since her husband was still alive somewhere.

After Charlie was left for dead by Ethan and continued to act shellshocked, Rose reached out to him and told him to hold on to his faith as a way to get through their situation.

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