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March of the Penguins
March of the Penguins

From Warner Home Video:
March of the Penguins is narrated by Academy Award winner Morgan Freeman and chronicles the lives of the emperor penguins and their remarkable journey to find a mate and start a family. The film is an all-age, true-life adventure touched with humor, with breathtaking photography that puts you in the middle of the drama of devoted parent penguins who, in the face of fierce polar winters, take turns guarding their eggs and trekking to the ocean in search of food. They will risk starvation and attack by dangerous predators, under the harshest conditions on earth, all to find true love and guard their adorable chicks.

On the Wings of Penguins:
On the Wings of Penguins reveals the lives and adventures of the African penguins. Thanks to the dedication of people devoted to their survival, this warm-weather species thrives and expresses the joy of living. Witness the fun loving spirit of these penguins as they continue to overcome life's challenges, from oil spills off the coast of Africa to the destruction of Hurricane Katrina. In the wild and at aquariums and zoos, the African penguins' quirky and endearing behavior delights fans all over the world. Review:
March of the Penguins originally got a push at IMAX theaters and we can clearly see why. The photography is beautiful. Unlike some of the recent BBC Presentations that we've watched, the pacing was very deliberate, which led to mixed results from the children watching it with us. One got bored and went to find something else to do. The other was entranced and watched every frame even as our own attention started to fade in the last few minutes. That said, the documentary was clearly done with the utmost care and respect for the penguins.

The DVD included a behind-the-scenes feature from the perspective of the photographers attempting to film the penguins, an episode of National Geographic's Crittercam, a penguin-themed classic Bugs Bunny cartoon and another documentary on African penguins, "On the Wings of Penguins." First, the cartoon had no relevance other than Warner Bros. dipping into their cartoon catalog, but of course it did entertain the kids. The featurette on the cameramen was surprisingly interesting, although brief. The Crittercam episode was steeped in references to global warming, but a far more "zippy" look at Emperor penguins that the feature. Lastly, we were disappointed in "On the Wings of Penguins," which gave us little insight into the warm-weather African penguins. It felt more like a publicity film for aquariums and zoos that use the warm-weather species to be able to include penguins in their collection. The set also included eight beautiful postcards and a nice soft plush African penguin "toy."

March of the Penguins DVD Extras:
- Of Penguins and Men
- National Georgraphic's Crittercam: Emperor Penguins
- Classic Looney Tunes Cartoon 8 Ball Bunny
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March of the Penguins DVD Gift Set Extras:
- DVD Extras
- African penguin plush toy
- 8 collectible postcards
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