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Season 1 General Spoilers
3/19/10: Lacy rides a motorcycle [with Keon by the sound of it]. Lacy also " keeps getting these really hard decisions and none of them are good options, so what she basically has to decide is what's the lesser of all evils. So that's where the conflict happens, she keeps making these really bad decisions that snowball. It changes Lacy; it takes her to a whole completely different place at the end of the season. Everyone will be surprised." From SyFy Upfronts
3/18/10: Barnabas is a "rogue" member of STO. He's on the more violent extreme and his motivation is that he "lost a loved one to decadence." From USA Weekend
3/18/10: Lucy Lawless has been contacted about reprising the role of D'Anna. From TV Guide [Caprica doesn't seem to be lining up with the sketchy timeline for the Cylon War and Final Five that we were given in BSG.]
3/18/10: There are divisions within the STO. From L.A. Times [So there will be different agendas even in the STO.]
3/18/10: In addition to Caprica, Tauron and Gemenon, Scorpia and Sagittaron will get more mentions. From L.A. Times [Her "friendship" with Sister Clarice looks to supplanted that storyline.]
3/18/10: The storyline of Amanda's affair (seen in the drafts of the pilot) has been dropped. From SciFi Wire [Her "friendship" with Sister Clarice looks to supplanted that storyline.]
3/18/10: Esai Morales hints that Joseph Adama tries something that fails and he has to "go on a run." He also said there might be a time jump in the season finale. From Seattle Post-Intelligencer
3/18/10: The 12 colonies are a cluster of stars, rather than planets in the same solar system. Two colonies orbit Ragnar and another colony isn't even on a planet. From Airlock Alpha
3/18/10: By the third episode of Season 1.5, there will be five Zoes. From SciFi Wire [We still have only seen three: Original Zoe, Cylon Zoe and Avatar Zoe.]
1/28/10: Aleks Paunovic (BSG's Sgt. Fischer) has been cast as William Adama, father of Joseph Adama and grandfather of BSG's William Adama. He is set to appear in flashback scenes. From
1/28/10: The first season will now consist of the two-hour pilot and seventeen hour-long episodes for a total of nineteen hours. The first ten hours (pilot and eight hour-long episodes will air through March. The season will then "take a break" and return in the fall with the remaining nine hour-long episodes. The official word is that Caprica was "more expensive" than anticipated, so an hour was cut rather than trimming the budget and "jeopardize" quality. From Chicago Tribune [We last had reported twenty episodes in addition to the two hour pilot. Apparently, we were wrong and they were looking for a total of twenty hours, but have now trimmed that to nineteen.]
1/23/10: Though the other colonies as well as space flight will be referenced, the show will stay on Caprica predominately in the urban environment of Caprica City. From Crave Online [In other words, if you are hopeing for a retread - in prequel form - of BSG, you'll be disappointed.]
1/23/10: Ron Moore says that they are "going to try real hard to resist" including other ancestors beyond the Adamas. There are also no plans for flashforwards to tie Caprica to BSG. They also want to have Caprica "break the mold of Battlestar." Caprica will also be more serialized than BSG. From Crave Online [In other words, if you are hopeing for a retread - in prequel form - of BSG, you'll be disappointed.]
4/27/09: According to Jane Espenson, "The development of the Cylons in the Colonies" is "going to have the surprises." From Jane Espenson
4/27/09: According to Jane Espenson, "The Colonies are not yet unified under a central government. And we WILL travel off-world to other colonies." From Jane Espenson
4/27/09: In addition to BSG alums Jane Espenson, Michael Taylor and Ryan Mottesheard, the writing staff also includes Patrick Massett (Friday Night Lights, John Zinman (Friday Night Lights) and Kath Lingenfelter (Pushsing Daisies). From Jane Espenson
4/25/09: Pilot Script Draft can be seen here [There are additional storylines that might appear in the first season. Consider this speculation since those storylines were left out for various reasons.]
4/5/09: The show "takes place on Caprica 58 years before the fall, so there isn't much of an opportunity for character crossover. And it's very different in some fundamental ways - not a space-based show. It's about families in conflict, domestic disorder, domestic terrorism, the rise of a new religion, organized crime, corporate sabotage, racism of a colony-vs.-colony sort, drugs, sex, murder and, of course, ROBOTS." From Jane Espenson [We knew most of this already, although we can't recall the show being pinned to exactly fifty-eight years before the start of BSG. Assuming that the Cylon attacks took place forty years after the end of the war and the war itself lasted thirteen as Razor (and its minisodes) seemed to establish, that would seem to put the start of Caprica at about five years before the start of the First Cylon War. Hopefully, this means that there is a "planned" four or five year arc for the series.]
4/5/09: According to Esai Morales, "[The nation-state planet of] Caprica represents the values that we as Americans represent, and my family comes from [the nation-state planet] Tauron, which is a more repressive establishment, like a mixture of Iran and Latin America or the Soviet Union... and my family gets victimized or caught up in the politics of monotheism and polytheism." From E! Online
1/25/09: Jane Espenson, Michael Taylor and Ryan Mottesheard will join Executive Producer Ron Moore as writers. At some point during the first season, Jane Espenson will take over showrunner and Executive Producer duties. Their goal is to have a number of scripts ready when shooting begins in July. Two scripts may already be ready. From Chicago Tribune [Of those two scripts already done, Michael Angeli and Mark Verheiden were likely involved.]

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