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Patriot Militia General Thomas Sumter
Thomas Sumter Born: August 14, 1734; Virginia frontier
Died: June 1, 1832; South Mount Plantation near Stateburg, South Carolina

Battles: Fort Sullivan

August 14 - Thomas Sumter is born on the Virginia frontier.

- Thomas Sumter serves as a Sergeant of the militia in the Cherokee War, but does not see action.

- Thomas Sumter marries Mary Jameson.

August 30 - Thomas Sumter's son, Thomas Sumter Jr., is born.

- Thomas Sumter raises a band of militia with the rank of Captain.
November - Thomas Sumter serves in Snow's Campaign against Tories.

February - Thomas Sumter becomes Lieutenant Colonel of the 2nd Rifle Regiment of the South Carolina militia.
June 28 - Thomas Sumter is present at the Battle of Fort Sullivan in Charleston, South Carolina, but does not see action.
- Thomas Sumter and his regiment are reserves during the Williamson Campaign against the Cherokee and see no action.
- Thomas Sumter and the 2nd Rifle Regiment are commissioned into the Continental Army under Maj. General Robert Howe.

September - Thomas Sumter resigns his commission in the Continental Army and returns home.

May 28 - Thomas Sumter rides to Salisbury, North Carolina in order to raise a militia.
June 15 - Thomas Sumter is named Commander of the South Carolina state militia with the rank of Colonel.
July 30 - Thomas Sumter is defeated at Rocky Mount, South Carolina.
August 6 - Thomas Sumter and Major William Richardson Davie defeat Tories at Hanging Rock, South Carolina.
August 17 - Thomas Sumter and his militia are surprised by Lt. Colonel Banastre Tarleton at Fishing Creek, South Carolina.
October 6 - Thomas Sumter is promoted to Brigadier General.
November 9 - Thomas Sumter defeats British regulars at Fish Dam Ford, South Carolina.
November 20 - Thomas Sumter defeats Lt. Col. Banastre Tarleton at Blackstock's Ford, South Carolina, but is seriously wounded.

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