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Continental General Benjamin Lincoln
Benjamin Lincoln Born: January 24, 1733; Hingham, Massachusetts
Died: May 9, 1810; Hingham, Massachusetts

Battles: Saratoga, Siege of Charleston, Yorktown

August - Benjamin Lincoln returns to duty.
September 25 - Benjamin Lincoln is named Southern Department Commander.
December 4 - Benjamin Lincoln arrives in Charleston, South Carolina
December 29 - The British capture Savannah, Georgia.

January 29 - The British capture Augusta, Georgia.
February 2 - Brig. General William Moultrie repels the British at Beauford, South Carolina.
February - Benjamin Lincoln launches an offensive into Georgia.
February 14 - Andrew Pickens is victorious at Kettle Creek, Georgia.
March 3 - Brig. General John Ashe is defeated at Briar Creek, Georgia.
- Benjamin Lincoln retreats back to Charleston, South Carolina
September - The French fleet arrives off Georgia.
October 9 - Benjamin Lincoln participates in the joint attack on Savannah, Georgia.
October 20 - Benjmain Lincoln retreats back to Charleston, South Carolina.

May 12 - Benjamin Lincoln surrenders Charleston to Lt. General Henry Clinton.
July - Benjamin Lincoln arrives in Philadelphia on parole.
- Benjamin Lincoln returns to his farm in Hingham, Massachusetts.
November - Benjamin Lincoln is exchanged for Maj. General William Philips.
- Benjamin Lincoln recruits and gathers supplies in Massachusetts.
- Benjamin Lincoln receives an M.A. degree from Harvard.

- Benjamin Lincoln commands troops around New York City.
August - Benjamin Lincoln is chosen to lead the American forces south to Virginia.
October 30 - Benjamin Lincoln is appointed Secretary of War.

September 2 - Benjamin Lincoln ends his tenure as Secretary of War.

- Benjamin Lincoln serves as an agent in treaty negotiations with the Penobscot Indians.

January 1 - Benjamin Lincoln is appointed to command the militia that puts down Shays Rebellion.
February 3 - Benjamin Lincoln captures the last survivors of the rebellion.
- Benjamin Lincoln is elected Lieutenant Governor of Massachusetts.

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