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Continental General Charles Lee
Charles Lee Born: February 6, 1732; England
Died: 1782; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Battles: Fort Sullivan

- Charles Lee is promoted to Lieutenant Colonel.

- Charles Lee arrives in America.

May - Charles Lee begins purchasing an estate in Berkeley County, Virginia.
December - Charles Lee journeys to Mount Vernon, which is George Washington's home.

June 19 - Charles Lee is commissioned into the Continental Army as the second Major General.
July - Charles Lee arrives with George Washington in Boston, Massachusetts.

January - Charles Lee is detached to Connecticut to raise volunteers for New York City's defense.
February 4 - Charles Lee arrives in New York City.
February 17 - Charles Lee is named Commander of the Canadian Department, but never serves.
March 1 - Charles Lee is named Commander of the Southern Department.
June 2 - Charles Lee arrives in Charleston, South Carolina.
June 28 - Charles Lee commands at the Battle of Fort Sullivan at Charleston, South Carolina.
September 9 - Charles Lee is recalled to the main army.
October 7 - Charles Lee arrives in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
October 28 - Charles Lee is present at the Battle of White Plains, New York.
December 13 - Charles Lee is captured at White's Tavern in Basking Ridge, New Jersey.

March 29 - Charles Lee submits a plan to his British captors for defeating the rebellion.

May 9 - Charles Lee is exchanged for British Maj. General Richard Prescott.
May 20 - Charles Lee arrives at Valley Forge and rejoins George Washington's main army.
June 28 - Charles Lee disobeys orders during the Battle of Monmouth Courthouse, New Jersey.
July 1 - Charles Lee's courtmartial hearings begin at Brunswick, New Jersey.
August 9 - Charles Lee's courtmartial hearings conclude.
August 12 - Charles Lee is found guilty of all charges by the military court.
August 16 - Charles Lee's case is forwarded by George Washington to the Continental Congress.
October 23 - Charles Lee's case begins to be discussed before the Continental Congress.
December 3 - Charles Lee is called out by Colonel John Laurens, an aide to Washington.
December 5 - Charles Lee's courtmartial is officially sanctioned by the Continental Congress.

July - Charles Lee returns to his Virginia estate.

January 10 - Charles Lee is released from duty in thearmy by the Continental Congress.
January 12 - Charles Lee leaves his Virginia estate for Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

October 2 - Charles Lee dies in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

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