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A Social and Sociable History of the Real Spirit of 1776

by Ian Williams
Published by Nation Books
August 2005
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Table of Contents:
312 pages (plus Notes, Bibliography and Index); 22 chapters.
Rum: The Global Spirit with Its Heart in the Caribbean
Part I: Origins - "A Hot Hellish Liquor"
1. What Is It, Where Is It?
2. Sugar: The Seed of Rum
3. The Caribbean Connection: Preparing the Ground
4. Barbados, the Birthplace of Rum
Part II: Rum in the Americas: The Spirit of 1776
5. Early Settlers
6. Thirsty Saints
7. The Spirit of Celebration
8. The Fishy Side of Rum
9. The Great Spirit's Appointed Means
10. The Caribbean, Rum, and Imperial Liquidity
11. Blame the French
12. No Texation!
13. Seven Years That Changed the World
14. After the War Was Over
15. Fast Run to Revolution: The Spirit of 1776
16. Rum and the Doctors
Part III: Rolling Around the World
17. High Spirits
18. Rum, Buggery, and the Lash: The Navy and Rum
19. Rum Around the World
20. Voodoo Spirit: Haiti
21. Cuba Libre!
22. Prohibition and the End of the Heroic Age of Rum?

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