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Witches Rakes and Rogues
Witches, Rakes, and Rogues:
True Stories of Scam, Scandal, Murder, and Mayhem in Boston, 1630-1775

by D. Brenton Simons
Published by Commonwealth Editions
August 2005

Description from Commonwealth Editions:
When most people think of Boston between its founding in 1630 and the height of the American Revolution, they probably imagine a procession of Puritan ministers in black followed by Revolutionaries like Paul Revere on horseback. Brenton Simons's Witches, Rakes, and Rogues will change a few minds and shock a few others.

By scouring family records and public archives, Simons demonstrates convincingly that the narrow, twisting streets of colonial Boston were also crawling with murderers, con men, identity thieves, and other blackguards. Bostonians may have been prayerful, but they were also prurient-and violent. Added to his extraordinary rogues gallery are several misunderstood women who were tried and executed as witches. Simons even uncovers the truth about the first documented serial murder in Boston history.

Here are just a few of Simons's tales of Witches, Rakes, and Rogues:
. Jane Hawkins, Boston's First Witchcraft Suspect
. The Inheritance Scheme of Robert Palmer
. The Kidnapping of the Misses Mackintosh
. The Duel of Benjamin Woodbridge and Henry Phillips
. Hanged for a Witch: The Turbulent Passions of Ann Hibbins
. Murder by Arsenic
. Bigamy in Boston

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