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Patriot Sons Patriot Brothers
Patriot Sons, Patriot Brothers
by Hugh Owen Nash, Jr.
Published by Westview Publishing
July 2006

Description from Westview Publishing:
Patriot Sons, Patriot Brothers is the story of a Prince Edward County, Virginia family and two sons who became North Carolina heroes of the American Revolution.

Francis Nash (1742-1777) was a hero of the American Revolution, who gave his life for his country and his name to Nashville, Tennessee; Nashville, North Carolina; Nash County, North Carolina; and Nashville, Georgia. He died on a Pennsylvania battlefield at the age of 35 serving under George Washington while in command of 2000 men.

Abner Nash (1740-1786) was the first Speaker of the North Carolina House of Commons, second patriot Governor of North Carolina, and member of the Second Continental Congress. His contribution to the patriot cause during the early years of the revolution and during the Southern Campaign of 1780-1781 is no less significant than his brother's. Francis and Abner Nash were the shining lights of a Virginia and North Carolina family that became prominent in the birth of our nation.

With thoroughly researched, detailed notes, an extensive bibliography, and a text that is unparalled in its documentation of correspondence by the Nash brothers with historical figures of the period, Patriot Sons, Patriot Brothers will be a valuable addition to your American history collection.

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