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History of Yorktown
A History of Yorktown and Its Victory Celebrations:
Revival to Patriotism

by Kathleen Manley
Published by The History Press
November 2005

Description from The History Press:
On October 9. 1781, General Cornwallis surrendered his British army to the combined American and French forces at Yorktown, Virginia. In addition to ending hostilities, this act represented the close of British colonial rule and the dawn of America's ascent as an independent country and eventual world power.

The events of this revolutionary time were the foundation of a grown American identity, and tributes to the sacrifices and victories of these early patriots continue even today. Yorktown, Virginia, has been celebrating the surrender of the British in large, nationally renowned celebrations since its first anniversary.

Local author Kathleen Manley chronicles the history of Yorktown and the victory celebrations that have been undertaken through the generations to remember this historic time in America's infancy. For the first time, in engaging prose the history of this remarkable city is presented here from its first celebration in 1824 with the return of General Lafayette through to the 200th anniversary in 1981, commemorating America's revolutionary victory.

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