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25 Best Colonial America Sites
Colonial America and the American Revolution:
The 25 Best Sites

by Clint Johnson
Published by Greenline Publications
May 2006

Description from Greenline Publications:
Follow in the footsteps of history with this comprehensive guide to the war that shaped our nation.

For the casual traveler or dedicated history enthusiast, this definitive guide gives an illuminating glimpse into our nation's early days and struggle for independence. Relive the colonial days through a trip to Williamsburg, Virginia. By exploring these sites-standing where soldiers fought, triumphed, and fell; witnessing the difficulties of life in a colonial village; standing in the buildings where unprecedented ideas were debated-visitors will have the opportunity to bring history to life.

Designed as a practical resource with meticulous, up-to-date research that makes getting to sites easy, it includes information that is vital for the traveler as well as the historian:
. Detailed descriptions of over 150 points of interest
. Historical overviews of each site
. Directions to points of interest
. Site maps
. In-depth travel and logistical information
. Accommodations close to major sites
. More than 40 color photos

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