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John Jay
John Adams: Party of One
by James Grant
Published by Farrah, Straus and Giroux
March 2005
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Table of Contents:
450 pages (plus Notes, Bibliography, Acknowledgments and Index); 25 chapters.
1. Son of Puritans
2. To Live and Die in Braintree
3. "Glowing Like Furnaces"
4. "From So Small a Spark"
5. Hearty in the Cause"
6. In Defense of Captain Preston
7. "In Opposition to the Rising Sun"
8. Faith of Brattle Street
9. "A Man of 1774"
10. "Called by Providence"
11. Whirlwind
12. "Conqure or Die"
13. Making of a Diplomat
14. A Yankee in Paris
15. Constitution Monger
16. Fencing with Count Vergennes
17. Triumph in Amsterdam
18. Peacemaker, Junk-Bond Promoter
19. Joyous Reunion
20. Minister to the Court of St. James
21. Stuffed Shirt
22. Mr. Vice President
23. "President by Three Votes"
24. Party of One
25. Road to Tranquillity

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