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Through Water Ice and Fire
Through Water, Ice & Fire:
Schooner Nancy of the War of 1812

by Barry Gough
Published by Dundurn Group
June 2006

Description from Dundurn Group:
Constructed in Detroit in 1789 by fine shipwrights, the schooner Nancy worked the Upper Great Lakes as a private cargo vessel in the fur trade before being requisitioned by the British at the outbreak of the War of 1812 as an armed supply ship.

After a series of dramatic escapades, the schooner was eventually destroyed in a fiery explosion in the last year of the war. Trapped on the Nottawasaga River by American warships, her hiding place was discovered and the Nancy was burnt to the waterline before it could be captured.

Through Water, Ice & Fire is the compelling story of the schooner Nancy and the men who sailed her in the midst of a gruelling and exacting war. Risking life and taking the fight to the enemy, they fought against a powerful American foe, using stealth and daring to maintain the besieged British position in the last armed struggle for the heartland of North America. The subsequent destruction of the Nancy, and her crew's daring mission to avenge the loss of the schooner, inspired generations of Canadians to regard the Nancy as a symbol of devotion to king and country.

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