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Home Life in Colonial Days
Home Life in Colonial Days
by Alice Morse Earle
Published by Dover Publications
May 2006

Description from Dover Publications:
Could you identify a sausage gun if you had to? How about a plate warmer or a well-sweep? Any idea how the term log-rolling really originated? Alice Morse Earle (1851-1911), a prolific popular historian and the first American to chronicle everyday life and customs of the colonial era, describes what these and many other obscure utensils were and how they were used. She also conveys a vivid picture of home production of textiles, colonial dress, transportation, religous and social practices, the care of flower gardens, colonial neighborliness, and other aspects of early American life.

Widely read when it was first published in 1898, this fascinating and wonderfully readable guide was instrumental in promoting a renewed interest in everyday life of bygone times. Today, it offers history buffs, collectors, and other interested readers a feast of delightful information.

Dover (2006) unabridged republication of the edition published by Macmillian, New York, 1898.

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