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Landmarks of the American Revolution
Landmarks of the American Revolution:
Library of Military History

by Mark M. Boatner III
Published by Thomson Gale
May 2006: Revised Edition

Description from Thomson Gale:
Zooming in on key locations connected to the American Revolution, this expanded and completely revised edition of Col. Mark M. Boatner III's Landmarks of the American Revolution goes beyond U.S. borders when profiling historical sites and landmarks significant to the war. The original state-by-state guide now also includes coverage of the war in the West Indies and an expanded treatment of Canada. Bringing history to life through travel, this informative and practical approach anchors the American Revolution to the present, providing real-life context readers can relate to and even locate. Contact information on individual historical sites is provided. All entries, maps, photographs and contacts have been updated.

With its real-life applications, this edition is valuable as a stand-alone resource that skillfully demonstrates the "power of places," but it also is an excellent companion to the Encyclopedia of the American Revolutionary War, which is also available in an updated edition.

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