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Siege of Pensacola
Siege of Pensacola

British Maj. General John Campbell surrendered 1,113 men. An additional 300 men were paroled to Georgia, while 105 men were reported as casualties. The Spanish suffered 74 killed and 198 wounded. Bernardo de Gálvez sent the British prisoners to New York so they could eventually be repatriated. Gálvez gave the French fleet some 100,000 pesos, which they used to resupply. Those French ships went on to participate in the blockcade of Yorktown.

With the capture of Pensacola, the British were expelled from West Florida, making it a Spanish possession, while also eliminating a potential southern threat to the American colonies from the British. The Spanish presense in West Florida also prevented the British from diverting men from East Florida and the West Indies to the American colonies for fear of Gálvez attacking those possessions.

King Carlos III awarded Gálvez the titles "Count of Galvez, Viscount of Galveztown, and Governor of West Florida and Louisiana". Gálvez was also promoted to Lt. General. Gálvez continued his campaign against the British in the West Indies and the Upper Mississippi Valley until 1783, when he returned to Spain. Also in 1783, the British officially signed over West and East Florida to the Spanish in the Treaty of Paris almost solely because of Gálvez' successful campaign.

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Picture: Battle of Pensacola Lithograph

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