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Battle of Monck's Corner
Battle of Moncks Corner

The Battle
From ten o'clock on the night of April 13, 1780, a swift silent march was undertaken along the road to Monck's Corner by Lt. Colonel Banastre Tarleton and his men. They encountered no American scouts or patrols. When they reached Monck's Corner, they caught the Americans completely by surprise. Not only had there been no patrols, but General Huger had placed his cavalry in front of his infantry.

Lt. Colonel Tarleton led a charge right at the Americans since swamps on either side precluded a flank attack. The British easily dispersed the militia defending Biggins Bridge. Most of the Americans were able to escape, including General Isaac Huger and Lt. Colonel William Washington, who had suffered yet another defeat by Tarleton. Tarleton was also able to capture wagons of supplies and a great many excellent cavalry horses.

The Continental defeat at Monck's Corner left Maj. General Benjamin Lincoln without any lines of communication from Charleston. The defeat only hastened the surrender of Charleston.

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Picture: Biggins Church Ruins at Monck's CornerMilitary Park

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