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This is an impressive DVD. Other DVDs have maybe only a trailer and even the menu is boring. Whereas this DVD was put together with care. The menus are well-done and worth watching from the introductory film clip to the animated transitions between menus. Some of the menus themselves are animated with smoke or gunfire. There are different bits (rather than the same clip) of John Williams' music from the soundtrack spread throughout the menus and presentations.

No single feature on the DVD is extraordinary, but the sheer number of extras adds up. The best features are the deleted scenes, which include commentary from Director Roland Emmerich where he explains why the scenes were omitted. The full film commentary by Producer Dean Devlin and Emmerich is also surprisingly candid in response to some criticisms made toward the film. The other features are a compilation of the usual publicity information that comes out prior to a film, but at least it is all included on the DVD for easy recall.

My only disappointment is that the deleted scenes don't include footage from expanded scenes of Yorktown that included General George Washington. I think this footage was at one time teased as being included on the DVD as an Alternate Ending. I guess they are holding a few things back for the next Special Edition DVD.

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